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If yield varies across your field, shouldn't your seeding rate? Introducing FieldScripts®, a seed selection and variable rate seeding prescription designed to maximize yield potential. Using over 20 data layers to diagnose your unique on-farm conditions, FieldScripts delivers a customized prescription that you can execute easily and confidently, right from your cab.

Your Field, Your Yield—Maximized

Yield Variability

Every grower knows that corn yield varies across the field. One area of the field might yield 200 Bu/Ac, while a neighboring area only yields 120. The difference is caused by variations in the field environment that have a negative effect on productivity. Variable rate planting can help address this issue, but identifying where changes occur in the field and adjusting planting populations accordingly has been more art than science. Further complicating the situation, each seed product reacts differently to variations in yield environment and population density.

With so many unknowns to contend with, most farmers simply plant one seeding rate across the field. But this means low-potential areas are overpopulated and high-potential areas are underpopulated, leaving untapped yield potential in your field.

Until Now

FieldScripts improves corn yield potential over single seeding rate yield

See Your Field from a Whole New Perspective

Traditionally, variable rate seeding has been based on soil type or normalized yield, but these methods fall short of revealing the true picture of what is happening in the field.

FieldScripts evaluates over 20 layers of data to provide a high definition view of your field

FieldScripts provides a high-definition view of yield environments by evaluating more than 20 data layers to assess and diagnose each field, including: SSURGO soil data, topography, geospatially-referenced corn yield data, soil tests and revolutionary field testing.

New Monsanto testing methods evaluate seed performance across soil environments and populations
  • Test plots are based on 1000-ft. strips to simulate on-farm conditions
  • Each seed is tested for a minimum of 2 years prior to recommendation
  • More than 1 million data points have already been captured

Monsanto has developed an extensive database of seed performance across yield environments and populations.

By cross-analyzing Monsanto's database with your unique field information, Monsanto is able to identify what seeds best fit the field conditions, develop a map of yield-management zones, and write a variable rate prescription specific to the seed you choose.

By avoiding overpopulation in low-yield potential areas and increasing population in high-potential areas, FieldScripts optimizes yield potential across the field as a whole.

The FieldScripts® Process

A FieldScripts certified dealer works with a grower to maximize corn yield potential.

Dealer Consultation

Consult with your local FieldScripts® Certified Dealer to collect field boundaries, yield history and soil test data. Data required: soil tests on 3 acres or less, referenced to a grid, within the past 3 years; 3 years of raw yield data that covers at least 85% of the targeted field. Requirements

A customized prescription is created by cross-analyzing farmer and Monsanto data

Creating FieldScripts

Your data is cross-analyzed with Monsanto's performance-testing database to identify which seeds best fit the field conditions and create a variable rate seeding prescription specific to the recommended products. The FieldScripts are then sent to the dealer for evaluation and selection with the farmer.

FieldScripts is transferred onto an iPad using FieldView Plus.

Executing FieldScripts

Once a seed has been selected, the dealer transfers FieldScripts onto your iPad® device using the FieldView® Plus application. This application delivers the prescription to the 20/20 SeedSense® monitor, allowing for seamless, variable rate execution as the planter moves across the field.

Equipment with Precision Planting's 20/20 SeedSense and 20/20 RowFlow is required.


The equipment needed for FieldScripts may already be on your farm. Required equipment (applies to new planters, as well):

  • Precision Planting® 20/20 SeedSense®
  • iPad® with FieldView® Plus app
  • Precision Planting® 20/20 RowFlow®



FieldScripts® requires three years of yield data, so gathering information now is essential to maximizing yield potential in the future.
Plan for the future by capturing your yield data from both corn and soybean fields.


Soil Data:

  • Soil tests from 9-1-2009 or later
  • Sampling must be from 3 acres or less and referenced to a grid
  • Depth of sample must be 0-6" or 0-8"
  • Organic matter, water pH, buffer pH, CEC, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and EC (soluble salts ) west of the Mississippi River

Yield Data:

  • Minimum of 3 years of raw yield data that covers at least 85% of the targeted field
  • 2 years must be corn data and have yields of 120 bushels or greater per acre
iPad device with FieldView Plus app.

Equipment Standards

Required Equipment for FieldScripts Delivery:

Use of Precision Planting® WaveVision® and YieldSense™ Harvest Monitor are highly recommended for seamless data syncing.

Required Annual Planter Checkup to Ensure:

  • Seeding accuracy within 500 seeds/acre of the prescription
  • Ability to change seeding rate within 5 linear feet on the row
  • Singulation accuracy of 99%, good spacing > 95%, loss of ground contact < 5%

Contact Us

FieldScripts is available through Certified Dealers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota in 2014 in the DEKALB® brand.

Certified Dealers are the core of the customer experience, using specialized Monsanto training to guide you from start to finish. They serve as local agronomy experts and link boots-on-the-ground intelligence with Monsanto's extensive performance-testing insights to give you the best experience.

In addition to the support offered by Certified Dealers, assistance is also available through the 1-855-5-SCRIPT hotline, emailing or mailing a letter to:
800 North Lindbergh Blvd, B3NA, Attn: IFS, Saint Louis MO 63167